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The main focus of this website is to provide valuable tips and suggestions for sports betting, with a key aspect being football, the most popular sport with the largest turnover.
From trend-based favourite tips which most recently delivered good profits in certain European league markets, over a glance at the providers and the scene, up to a guide how to act in a more professional manner in sports betting – it's all here.
We also offer an odds service.
It's all rounded off by links to other websites that deal in the same area.

Pointers for the tips, trends and predictions

Websites offering sports betting tips, some of which will charge you, are thick on the ground. It is easy for the keen punter to loose focus on which tips yield profits over time.
The relevant sub menus show tips (on favourites) bases on trends of individual markets in various leagues. An example for '>2.5 goals': Historically, the two teams of a fixture predominantly came in over 2.5 goals. If this fixture is part of a league where, most recently, similar constellations occured frequently and profitably, the tip will be displayed. A further pre-requisite for the tips to be displayed is that those markets in the relevant leagues yielded positive in the last three seasons. The statistical foundation of those tips (in %) can be found on the sports betting stats portal Win-1x2, under STATS '102', 'goals', 'results' and 'H2H'.